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My memoirs, Wedding Song and Leaving Iran, chronicle my life and those of my family members in Iran. Food is an integral part of these stories.


Whenever I read from my memoirs, people from the audience approached me to say they had stories of their own, often flavored by their favorite food. If they could write, they, too, would tell these stories of family members and friends in the kitchen or around the dining table. 


Thus the idea was born. I could write these stories for them through this blog. 


This website showcases food memories and recipes written by many. 

Leaving iran:

Between Migration and Exile

Leaving Iran by Farideh Goldin
wedding song

Memoirs of an Iranian Jewish Woman

Wedding Song.jpg

 Conversations, reconstructed and

imagined, with my Iranian father

Don't forget you're persian.jpg
Overcoming Gender:

The Impact of the Persian Language on Iranian Women’s Confessional Literature 

Blood lines

My story: Conversations With My Father

  The Jerusalem Post: (6 December 2007)

  The Virginian Pilot: (11 December 2007)  [Read Here]

My Hannukah Gift: NPR Hanukkah Lights (18 December 2002)


Iran On My Mind

Jewish Quarterly 203 (Winter 2006): 88. [Read Here]

Feathers and Hair

The Flying Camel: and Other Stories of Identity by North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Women. Ed. Loolwa Khazzoom. New York: Seal, 2004. 11-19 [Read Here]

Only Friendship

To Mend the World: Women Reflect on 9/11. Ed. Marjorie Agosin and Betty Jean Craige. New York: White Pine, 2002. 96106 [Read Here]

A Bride for My Father

Bridges Magazine (Spring 2000): 81-87  [Read Here]

Two Birds on a Postcard

Turnings: Writing on Women's Transformations. Ed. Luisa Igloria and Renee Olander. Norfolk: Friends of Women’s Studies, March 2000.       37-41. [Read Here] 

Breaking the Silence_Iranian Jewish women Writers Discover the Power of Words

Jewish Women 2000: Conference Papers from HRIJW International Scholarly Exchanges 1997-1998.

Will I Ever Be A Writer?

Ourselves as Students: Multicultural Voices in the Classroom. Ed. The Broad Minds Collective. Carbondale, Southern Illinois UP, 1996. 110-113 

The Jewish Connection

Renewal Magazine (Spring 1995) 5-8

The Jews of Iraq

Renewal Magazine (March 1991)

The Ghosts of Our Mothers: From Oral Tradition to Written WordsA History and Critique of Jewish Women Writers of Iranian Heritage. Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues. 18(2009): 87-124 & Introduction: 5-12 [Read Here]

Light and Shadows: The Story of Iranian Jews
Light Shadows.jpg
Esther, Queen of Persia A Fairy-tale?
Pilgrimage to the Tombs of Esther and Mordekhai 
Coming soon ...
Two Birds on a post card
Turnings copy.jpg
only friendship

To Mend the World

Feathers and hair
my iranian sukkah
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