Farideh was born in 1953 in Shiraz, Iran, to a family of dayanim, judges and leaders of the Jewish community. Farideh's family moved out of the mahaleh, the Jewish quarter, to a Moslem neighborhood when she was eight years old. There, she experienced both friendship and anti-Semitism. Later, attending an American-style university in Iran, she was torn between her loyalty to her family, who obeyed strict social, cultural and religious mores, and her western education that promoted individualism and self-reliance.

Farideh is the author of two memoirs, Wedding Song: Memoirs of an Iranian Jewish Woman (Brandeis UP, 2003), and Leaving Iran: Between Exile and Migration (AU Press, November 2015).

Many of Farideh's lectures give her audiences a better understanding of Iranian culture. In talks and workshops, she conveys her cross-cultural perspective on issues and leads participants to interact and shape their own skills for recording life narratives. Farideh has spoken at churches, synagogues, women's groups, book fairs, universities, Junior Leagues, libraries, international conferences and numerous other venues both in the United States and abroad. Her book and essays have been part of the curriculum in many universities.

Selected Topics for presentations or workshops:

Iranian Women's literature, culture and accomplishments
Iranian Jews
Writing memoirs
Iranian women's autobiographies
Literature by Iranian Jewish Women
Reflections on 9/​11
Food, Ritual & Memory
Celebrating Jewish holidays the Iranian way
Purim, a metaphor for Iranian Jewish life