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Farideh was born in 1953 in Shiraz, Iran, to a family of dayanim, judges and leaders of the Jewish community. Farideh's family moved out of the mahaleh, the Jewish quarter, to a Moslem neighborhood when she was eight years old. There, she experienced both friendship and anti-Semitism. Later, attending an American-style university in Iran, she was torn between her loyalty to her family, who obeyed strict social, cultural and religious mores, and her western education that promoted individualism and self-reliance. Farideh is the author of two memoirs, Wedding Song: Memoirs of an Iranian Jewish Woman (Brandeis UP, 2003), and Leaving Iran: Between Exile and Migration (AU Press, November 2015).

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My Books

Wedding Song

Memoirs of an Iranian Jewish Woman

Leaving Iran

Between Migration and Exile


  I have been haunted by Farideh Goldin's Wedding Song since the day I read it. Goldin's writing is sometimes spicy and sometimes sad, but always compelling. Her memoir is full of anger and compassion and insight. A stunning and powerful debut. 

Sheri Reynolds, author of The Rapture of Cannon

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